Using the so-called cold method which preserves the natural properties of olive oil, we produce first quality white soap, rich in natural glycerin and aromatic oils and herbs that grow on our island.

Soon our product became sought after and our laboratory is constantly expanding and producing.


To make products with the purest materials of our own production with high quality standards to satisfy even the most demanding customer. With respect and sensitivity to the environment the products we manufacture are environmentally friendly, ecological and biodegradable

Cultivation - Harvest

The cultivation of the family olive groves from the time of the great-grandfather Nikolas is done with the organic fertilization. A practical and economical way of fertilizing the olive grove with Friday compost, using the plant residues of the olive grove and scattered on the surface. They are then incorporated into the soil with a cultivator.

Harvesting olives in the traditional way (by hand) is a method we follow and no modern one has been able to replace it. In this way we give the most modern olive mill selected fruit, which in turn will give pure virgin olive oil full of flavor, which flavor remains unchanged over time and is stored in tanks made of inert material (stainless steel).

Cold method & maturation

Our soap is produced by the cold method. We follow this method because there is no boiling in the oil or the addition of salt, with the result that the glycerin rich in moisturizing properties produced remains in the soap. The saponification reaction is continued slowly for several hours in the mold. This method is "slow" because it takes a long time for the soaps to mature, unlike hot soaps. When it comes out of the mold it is cut, sealed and placed on wooden shelves for the maturation process, which lasts 6-8 weeks.

In the past, for reasons of economy, they used the frying oils, the murga of the oil, but also the fats from the cooking and not virgin olive oil. As a result, the oils are boiled and salt is added so that the dirty fats sit at the bottom of the cauldron and they can take the soap that was left in the foam with the spoon. The result; The glycerin of the soap was removed with the dirty fats.

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